The importance of truth

It’s said that truth is the first casualty of war.  It seems to me, that this is just as true when the enemy is a pandemic virus.

As I write this, our Prime Minister is in intensive care.  Yesterday we were told that he had been taken to hospital ‘for tests’.  At the daily briefing, a journalist enquired why it was though appropriate that the PM occupy a hospital bed if he was only undergoing tests.  But a satisfactory explanation was not forthcoming. Another asked Dominic Raab if he had spoken to the PM or received a text from him today - Monday.  Raab responded that he had spoken to the PM ‘over the weekend’.  Even those of us in isolation, don’t consider Monday as part of the weekend. Rumours persisted that the PM’s fiancée was describing him as needing oxygen and saying she was very worried about him. But the government stuck to the line that he was only undergoing tests, that he was fully in control and that he was still receiving the red boxes.  Move on a few hours and they admitted he was receiving oxygen, then later on, that he had been moved to intensive care. We don’t need an indepth report on the state of the PM’s health. What we do need is for questions to be answered honestly.

I am saddened that those in power do not seem to realise the damage this is doing to the government’s credibility. It seems to me, that trust in politicians and in our government dropped to a very low level following the Referendum and right now, it is dropping even lower.  We’ve had the Scottish Chief Medical Officer advising us to stay at home, yet for two weekends, chose to take her family to their second home. The New Zealand Health Minister who drove his family 20km to visit a beach during the first lockdown weekend. As the old adage goes 'I can't hear what you're saying as what you're doing is shouting too loud'. When those in power are telling us to do one thing, but are blatantly doing another, it is hard for them to maintain credibility. 

Now more than ever, we need transparency, honesty and truth from those running our country. More than ever we need Christians and Christian values at the heart of government. Jesus described himself as ‘The Way, the Truth and the Life’ (John ch14 v6).  Paul exhorted us all to ‘put on the belt of truth’ (Ephesians ch6 v 14). Thank you for being among those Christians who have stepped up, to bring truth and light into politics.

We join with all those wishing the PM a speedy recovery.  Dominic Raab describes the PM as a man with a huge zest for life and that will surely help him pull through this terrible illness.

Elizabeth Jewkes

Interim Director LDCF


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