Stephen Williams MP shares church upbringing

Stephen Williams, the Liberal Democrat MP for Bristol West, affirmed the work of faith organisations and also shared the positive impact of his own church upbringing at FaithAction's conference yesterday called 'Faith: Too Significant to Ignore'.


Speaking in his capacity as Minister for Communities and Local Government, Stephen thanked and encouraged the faith organisations represented saying that their work often went unsung. He noted the important role that faith groups are playing in many important issues: tackling violence against women, including FGM; supporting young people; challenging extremism; providing health care; and fighting to end the stigma of minority groups.

He also spoke fondly of his own church upbringing and the influence of his mother and grandmother, who were both Sunday-School teachers. He said that the sermons he heard in his early and teenage years had given him his moral compass and shaped his opinions. 

Noting that there is often an overlap in motivation between those who engage in politics and those who are active in faith-based organisations, Stephen affirmed the need for both to stand together and work together, towards a more just world.

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