Stephen Lloyd MP gives support to Churches "2020 Vision"

Stephen Lloyd, Liberal Democrat MP for Eastbourne and Willingdon, has provided a Lib Dem response to the report, 2020 Vision of the Good Society, published by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland and Church Action on Poverty in February 2015.


This hard-hitting report, rooted in theology, sets out recommendations for building a Good Society, including: wages that allow all people to live in dignity, reasonably priced housing, allowing children and young people to fulfil their potential, and tackling climate change.

Stephen Lloyd commented:

The Liberal Democrats very much welcome the discussion document, 2020 Vision of the Good Society. It is encouraging to see churches working together and making their voice heard, setting out priorities so clearly in the run up to the General Election. Reading through the document, it is interesting to see how closely some of the key themes raised in the report match Liberal Democrat values and priorities.”

In response to the report's key themes, Stephen Lloyd highlighted some of the Lib Dem's own policy priorities for the 2015 General Election, including raising the tax threshold further to help poorer families, equality of opportunity for all - especially young people - more affordable housing and protecting the environment.

Stephen's comments appear in full on the Church Action and Poverty website here

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