Standing With Manchester

LDCF stand with Manchester. 


Our country is united in grief. LDCF are saddened by the awful attack in Manchester on Monday night and we are standing with everyone affected.

We applaud the emergency services who are doing all they can to keep us safe and we celebrate the spirit of community that Manchester has so perfectly demonstrated.

As we grieve with those who are grieving, we also remember that hope and unity outdo fear and division. Terror will not prevail but freedom, love and peace will. We ‘won’t be overcome by evil but will overcome evil with good’ (Romans 12:21).

For now, all political campaigning has stopped until further notice. We are putting aside our party tribes to unite against the atrocity of last night’s attack.

And we, at LDCF, are bowing down in prayer. Lamenting the lives lost and hurt; praising God for the outpouring of love by Mancunians; seeking wisdom for our police; and asking for healing where there is pain and division. Please join us! 

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