Show Up Campaign Launched

This week the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum, as part of Christians in Politics, launched our Show Up campaign. This campaign is the first of it's kind and it aims to encourage Christians to positively engage in politics in the run up to this year's election and beyond - to stop watching from the sidelines, show up and get involved.

"History is made by those who show up"

2015 is going to be a vital year in British politics, where we will decide who will be running our country for the next five years. The Show Up campaign wants to encourage Christians across the UK to get involved in politics in the run up to the General election and beyond.

There are a number of fears that tend to hold Christians in the UK back from engaging with politics. Through the Show Up campaign we hope to challenge some of those fears and help people to realise the responsibility we have as Christians to get involved.

The message is simple: the next Government will be decided by those who show up. Will you be one of them?

There are a number of ways you can get involved in the Show Up campaign:

  • Sign up to be kept up to date and fully resourced.
  • Attend or host a hustings at your church. For useful resources on how to host a hustings click here.
  • Join a Party. You can join the Liberal Democrats here.
  • Join one of the Christian groups within the parties. Click here to join the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum.
  • Sign up for an hour of prayer in 24-7 Prayer and Christians in Politics' joint challenge to cover the election week in prayer. 

For more information on all of these ways of getting involved, and about the campaign itself, visit

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