Shirley Williams gives the 2014 Gladstone Lecture

On Tuesday 21 October 2014, Baroness Shirley Williams delivered the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum's annual Gladstone Lecture on the topic of 'How can we best promote peace in the world?'


Shirley Williams has extensive knowledge and experience in international affairs from a life-time of politics and is also a Catholic. Growing up during the Second World War with parents who were prominent pacifists, Shirley's career has involved deep engagement with international affairs, including being Gordon Brown's Adviser on nuclear proliferation while he was Prime Minister. She currently serves as an active Liberal Democrat member of the House of Lords and is Professor Emerita of Electoral Politics at Harvard University. 

We are pleased to be able to publish the transcript and audio recording of Shirley's lecture, so that you too may be able to share in the insight and challenges she gave us.  

The transcript is available here.

You can listen here.

Outline of the recording timings:

  • Introductions - 0:00 - 7:50
  • Shirley's speech - 07:55 - 52:00
  • Q & A - 52:10 - 1:26:55

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