Referendum Result

Now the results are in, LDCF Director Sarah Dickson sends the following statement to all members and supporters. 



Here is our statement on the result of the referendum from Director, Sarah Dickson: 

"As leaders of Christians for Europe, actively campaigning for remain, we are saddened and disappointed by the result and know that many of you will be too. Through Christians for Europe, we fought a positive and hopeful campaign that, despite the outcome, we should be proud of. Although it may be a time of reflection and post-mortems of the campaigns, we want to take the opportunity to thank all of you who campaigned, voted and gave us words of encouragement along the way.

Now, more than ever, we are motivated and inspired to build the positive, peaceful, outward looking world that the founding fathers of the EU envisioned. As the UK begins the process of withdrawing from the EU, we must do all that we can to make sure our Government strives to be the kind of nation that looks out for others, welcomes the stranger and loves our neighbours.

And as we do so, let us also pray and work for healing of divisions that the referendum campaigns have opened up. Now the votes have been cast and counted, we need to unite as a nation and build bridges not walls.

During the campaign, we joined with our friends in Christians on the Left and the Conservative Christian Fellowship to run a campaign encouraging people to disagree well (see the campaign video here). At this time, when the political sphere is unsettled, the need for a kind of politics where people disagree well seems all the more needed.

Let us, as individuals and as the church, join together in modelling good disagreement as we continue our own participation in politics."

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