Platinum jubilee

This weekend, we celebrate 70 years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth 2. My parents married in the same month as the coronation but I’ve no idea if I am named after the Queen or not. Both of my parents are long gone, but Queen Elizabeth remains, still working at the age of 96.  My personal favourite story about the Queen is that of two tourists who allegedly met a headscarf wearing elderly lady and a policeman while out walking near Balmoral. “Have you ever met the Queen?” they asked the old lady. “No” she told them. Pointing to the policeman she added “But he has”.  I’ve no idea if this story is true, but it displays the honesty and humour I believe she embodies.

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Christmas Greetings

Christmas greetings from all at LDCF.

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Evidence of growing spirituality among the young

Eternal wall of prayer

A new survey by Sevanta ComRes suggests that one third of UK adults pray and attend church regularly. The percentage is higher for young people of whom half say they pray once a month and almost as many of now attend church too.

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Gladstone Lecture 2021

Nigel Paterson, author of 'Change of the Tide - revivals in the UK' gave our Gladstone Lecture this year. 

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Nativity video

If you are missing seeing your children/grandchildren in a nativity play this year, I hope this video will bring you joy. Helnoweth nativity


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Autumn newsletter

Our autumn newsletter is now available.

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