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    Religious Freedom


    We are calling for the appointment of an Ambassador for International Freedom of Religion or Belief.

    Almost 75% of the world’s population live in countries with high levels of government restrictions on freedom of religion or belief. In many of these countries people are killed or tortured because of their faith.   

    Freedom of religion is a human right, as outlined in Article 18 of the UNCHR. That’s the freedom to choose religion, change religion or hold no religion.

    There are a number of great organisations working to promote religious freedom across the world. 

    Follow these charities to stay informed about the situation of persecuted religious minorities and for resources to help you get involved in making a stand.

    Open Doors UK

     Aid to the Church in Need 

    Human Rights Watch


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    End Indefinite Detention


    How would you feel if you had to flee your home for fear of persecution, risked everything to travel to another country in the hope of safety, only to arrive and be detained, often without explanation or any indication of when you may be released?

    We are calling on the Government to end this inhumane practice. We need you to make our voice stronger.

    LDCF are calling upon the Government to end the indefinite detention of asylum seekers and immigrants. 

    Today around 3,000 people are being held in Immigration Detention Centres. They have not received a charge or a trial and they have no idea when they'll be released.  

    This is not democratic. This is not just.


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    Our Housing Crisis


    Millions of people are living in Britain without a secure, decent home. Plans to sell-off social and affordable homes risk making things worse for some of our country's most vulnerable people. Join us in calling for urgent action to tackle our housing crisis.

    Government plans to sell-off social and affordable homes will enable the lucky few to own a home at the expense of some of the poorest and most vulnerable in our society. If passed, Britain's housing crisis would quickly become a national emergency. 

    A secure, decent home would bring dignity, hope and protection for people who suffer a life of fear and uncertainty. Join us as we show the human face of the housing crisis and call our government to action. Here's how...

    Share stories - Head here to read some stories of folk impacted by our housing crisis and share them on social media with #ourhousingcrisis. Keep an eye on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for new stories to share each day! 

    Tell your story - Tweet, Facebook, Instagram or email us with stories of your experience of the housing crisis using #ourhousingcrisis.


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