God's provision in a crisis

When there is nothing we can do in a situation and all we have left is to ask God for help. That's when we find that God is all we need. Read our Interim Director's story of God's incredible provision during this current crisis.

In late 2017, I bought the lease to a closed down café and opened it as a vintage style tea room.  It was something the I believed God prompted me to do.  I called it Grace Tea Room. While the customers who did come in loved it, there simply were not enough of them and it continued to make a loss, only sustained by my unpaid work and the generosity of people who out of the blue would give me money to pay the rent or the electricity bill. Then Covid 19 happened and with no other option, I had to try and turn a vintage tea room into a takeaway and delivery service.  To my astonishment, I found that people in lockdown were desperate for afternoon tea and cake.  Business boomed like never before.  But I had a new problem – I was finding it impossible to buy flour.  I’d never kept large stocks and with sales of my homemade cakes rocketing I was rapidly running out.  Twice a day I would queue up at different supermarkets, but apart from obtaining 2 bags of bread flour for the paninis I make for the tea room, my queuing was always to no avail. I was getting desperate. Without flour, I wouldn’t have cake to sell.  So I did what I should have done in the first place – I gave the problem to God.  If he wanted me to make cake, then he would have to find the flour. A couple of hours later, a customer came in who was someone I’d known for years as a neighbour. I mentioned to him to the flour problem. “Had I tried the Polish shop a few doors away?” he asked. I hadn’t thought of trying there.  He was only gone a few minutes before returning with 10kg of plain flour. 10kg! He explained that he’d bought it at a discount as he knows the people who run the shop. I was blown away by God’s supply.  Later that evening, I told the story to my Zoom Bible Study group. One person said that if I ever got bread flour, to let her know where from as she was unable to find it.  I offered her one of my two bags of bread flour. After all, if my God can find 10kg of flour in a couple of hours, I was certain he could find more bread flour if the sales of paninis went up too and we arranged that she would collect it the next evening. The next afternoon, I received a phone call from the same customer.  He was in Aldi and had bought 9 x 1.5kg bags of self raising flour – the most they would let him buy.  13.5kg! I was stunned. I popped down to meet him near Aldi and collected the bags. When my Bible study friend came to collect the bread flour she mentioned that she’d been trying to find self raising flour for an elderly lady in our church. Self raising? No problem.  I had 9 bags in my car! I happily passed one over.

I told the story to a friend of mine. Her husband is in the very vulnerable category so they are both in lockdown as she cannot risk carrying the virus home. They are eligible for supermarket deliveries but one week, their shopping arrived minus eggs.  Now, she eats a lot of eggs as she is on a very low carb diet. She told me that she resolved not to worry as if God could find me flour, he equally knew she needed eggs. 30 minutes later, there was a knock at the door and a friend from another village came to bring her some fabric to use for making scrubs. Along with the fabric she’d included 6 eggs from her chickens!

Sales of my homemade paninis increased too, but I found a single 1.5kg bag of bread flour during one of my shopping trips to replace the one I’d given away so by sharing I had not missed out. With demand for my cakes increasing week by week, 23.5kg of flour lasted less than 3 weeks and I was back to needing more flour.  I had to go to two different supermarkets that evening and assumed that I would find the flour I needed in one (or both). Driving home, it dawned on me that I had failed to even look for flour. ‘No problem’ I felt God say ‘You’re passing Morrison’s, they have flour’. So I pulled in to Morrison’s car park. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t take a trolley or even a basket. I assumed the most they would let me have would be a couple of 1.5kg bags & I could carry those.  It turns out, that Morrison’s were selling 16kg sacks of flour.  I had to lug that sack across the supermarket and across the car park. While my faith was big enough to try to look for flour in Morrison’s, it wasn’t big enough to take a trolley. It will be next time!

Since then, a friend has found a flour mill who will supply me with sacks of cake flour and my bread making friends with sacks of bread flour. As I order large amounts, they can save the cost of delivery by being included with my orders. God is so good.

Lizzie Jewkes

Interim Director LDCF

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