God's presence was iresistible

Hours after Andy Flannagan led parliamentarians in singing about integrity, truth and justice, a spate of government ministerial resignations took place, with Sajid Javid referencing the prayer breakfast in his speech. As Boris Johnson confirms he will stand down this autumn, Sam Hailes speaks to Flannagan, who also heads Christians in Politics, to ask what we should make of claims that a prayer meeting led to the highest number of ministerial resignations in history.

Sajid Javid began his resignation speech in Parliament by referencing that day's parliamentary prayer breakfast. What was your reaction to that news?

Well, if I can be brutally honest, and it’s a bizarre thing to admit, but I honestly feel like I had a bit of a premonition about it.

There were a couple of moments as people sang the hymns, but then also there was an amazing time after Les Isaac preached - we had the privilege of leading a time of response - and you could hear a pin drop in the room. It was just electric; one of those moments where you’re fully aware of the presence of Almighty God, really aware of that ultimate authority.

I knew something profound had happened; I’d experienced it. As I was travelling home, I could still feel it.

When the news came through of the resignation, I was tempted to share something on social media because I’d obviously seen Sajid Javid at the breakfast and I was tempted to join the dots. But then I thought, You know what, that’s not my story. That’s his story to tell. So I held my silence. It’s not my job to say how the processing occurred with Sajid, or with anybody else who was present. All we can say is things do happen when we put God in the place he deserves.

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