Gladstone Lecture 2021

Nigel Paterson, author of 'Change of the Tide - revivals in the UK' gave our Gladstone Lecture this year. 

Nigel spoke on the history of revival in the UK and their impact on social change. Personally, I was aware that many of the great social reformers were Christians - Wilberforce, Fry, Barnardo, Booth etc - but I had not realised that they were living in a time of revival. Nigel dispelled the myth that revival is simply a religious experience by highlighting the link between revival and social reform. Revival is normally seen as solely positive but as Nigel points out in his book it can be ‘demanding, unpredictable, messy, potentially risky and dangerous for many involved’. Most of the all, Nigel makes clear that the only route to revival is through prayer.
The recording of the lecture and questions can be accessed here:

Gladstone Lecture 2021

Nigel's book, Change of the Tide, is available in hard copy or Kindle from: 

Elizabeth Jewkes

LDCF Director

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