General Election 2017

And, the results are in! Here are some reflections from LDCF Director, Sarah Latham. 


LDCF Director, Sarah Latham, sent the below message to LDCF supporters:

"What a time we're living in! The election results have been a mixed bag of highs and lows. We've seen some nail-bitingly close results and more re-counts than I think any of us want to see again. Some of us are celebrating, whilst others of us are saddened by the results we campaigned so hard for. 

But, whatever the result where you are, all of you who have been volunteering on the campaign trail have been a part of a historic election. You have stood up for the values of openness, tolerance and unity and we are so proud of all you've done - from standing as a candidate, to endlessly knocking on doors. We are so proud! 

As we look ahead, it seems uncertain how everything is going to pan out. But I am confident that there is going to be a huge need for healing divisions and bringing society together again. The results show a widening gap between North and South, young and old, left and right. As Nick Clegg said in his speech last night, "we will not pick our way through the very difficult times that our country faces if in the next parliament MPs of all parties simply seek to amplify what divides them." Now is the time to come together. As Christians in politics, let's help make that a reality."

If this election has inspired you to get more involved in politics, why not consider joining us? We're Christians who support the Lib Dems and we're here to support each other in our political journeys. Get involved. 

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