Christmas Message

A Christmas message from Tim Farron and all at the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum.



Tim Farron shares his first Christmas message as party leader. Here's his message to the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum: 

"Jesus's long-awaited birth brought hope to all nations, and it’s a hope much needed today.​ The story of Christmas is of a God who became utterly human, who was prepared to relinquish his own power to offer us the one thing we need most. As a human being, Jesus served the poor, the needy and the weak and he challenged injustices, speaking up for those who couldn't speak for themselves to demonstrate that hope​. 

As we prepare for Christmas day and all that 2016 will hold, we are living in a world that is crying out for hope. We need more voices of hope in political meetings, constructively challenging the status quo for the sake of people at the receiving end of decisions made. And we need more voices of hope inspiring others to speak out, bringing people together to work for the common good. 

When I visited the Salvation Army's drop-in centre earlier in the month, I was struck by their commitment not only to accommodating the homeless, but also tackling the root of the problem their clients face - campaigning and advocating for changes in the system. Putting faith into action is more than just meeting people’s immediate needs, it’s also about seeking political change too.

My prayer this Christmas is that we are all inspired to be voices of hope. To practically love our neighbour and bring light into the darkness. 

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year"

Merry Christmas from everyone at the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum. In keeping with traditions, here's our Christmas round-robin with some of our highlights from 2015.

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