Christian Nation: with the title comes responsibility

Earlier this year, at the Prime Minister David Cameron’s Easter Reception, he referred to Britain as a ‘Christian nation.’ Here are my thoughts on the matter

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The religious vote in Britain: bad news for Lib Dems?

When Theos published their report, Voting and Values in Britain: Does Religion Count?, it generated a lot of interest in the media. The continued - though weakened - historic links between Anglicans and Tories, Catholics and Labour, have been commented upon and analysed. But how do the Lib Dems come out of all of this? 

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Do you live in the moment?

I was at a Lumineers gig in Alexandra Palace recently and something happened that I haven’t seen before. If you’ve been to a gig recently you will know that your main view of the band tends to be through the dozens of mobile phone screens that are being held up, filming and taking pictures, in your sightline. I go through phases of finding this quite an interesting and amusing view, but equal amounts of phases of finding it annoying.

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