How do you solve a problem like UKIP?

Widespread panic seems to have taken hold of much the political landscape as the realisation sinks in that the UK Independence Party (UKIP) could now be, as Farage has declared, ‘Serious Players.’

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I'm a Christian and this is why I vote Lib Dem

In the run up to the next general election, God and Politics, put on a series where writers were asked to discuss their reasons for their political views and how they related to their Christian faith. As part of this series, LDCF Exec member John Innes explained why, as a Christian, he votes Liberal Democrat.

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Faith in the Liberal Democrats?

This is an article I wrote that was published earlier this year in the Liberal Democrat's AdLib Magazine.

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Never too small to make a change

The huge rise in the income tax threshold has been one of the flagship policies of the Coalition.  But did you realise it was the brainchild of an ordinary Lib Dem?  Elizabeth Jewkes, researched the idea & campaigned for it to become Lib  Dem policy.  Elizabeth  is also a member of the Christian Forum and has just been elected to our Exec.

This is her story.

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The earth is the Lord's and everything in it

LDCF member Cllr. Nigel Jones gives some reflections on God, humanity and the environment.

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