Covid 19

We’re not all in the same boat, we’re not even all in the same storm. Read our Interim Director's view of the Covid 19 crisis.

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Young Christians Transforming Politics

Young people are increasingly concerned with the state of our world, nation and communities. They are demanding action on social justice, climate change and many other issues that affect our lives. However, often they feel disengaged from politics. Our leaders are not meeting their expectations of integrity, honesty and transparency.

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Christianity and Liberal Democracy in the 21st Century

I identified as a Christian and a Liberal Democrat around the same time. Whilst I’d grown up in a progressive Christian home, it took until I was 16/17 years old to have asked enough questions, debated with a wide enough pool of people and challenged the principles of Christianity sufficiently to consider getting baptised. Simultaneously I was doing my first year of A Level Politics and discovering that the values advocated for by the Liberal Democrats struck a chord. I joined the party 10th May 2015 and got baptised 18th October the same year.

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Gladstone Lecture 2019

Interested in attending the LDCF Gladstone Lecture? This is a key fund-raising event for LDCF. This year we are hoping to use the proceeds to fund a Fringe Event at our Autumn Conference, the cost of this event is beyond our means at the moment. To check out the details of this event go to Gladstone Lecture 

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Lizzie Jewkes (LDCF Chair) writes an Easter Message for AdLib

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