Andrew Stunell MP welcomes Archbishop's new book as 'a prophetic word to the nation'

 This week Vice President of the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum, Andrew Stunell MP, welcomed Archbishop John Sentamu's new book, On Rock or Sand?


Speaking to the Church of England Newspaper, Stunell stated:

"Growing inequality, not just in Britain but worldwide, is one of the major challenges for our generation. Archbishop Sentamu's book offers a timely and prophetic word to the nation. The foundations of our economic and political systems need to be realigned, and we must all be prepared to make changes in our politics and in our lives for this to happen."

In the book, Archbishop Sentamu draws attention to the high levels of economic inequality currently experienced in the UK. He calls us to rediscover 'the true meaning of the word economy,' looking back to the biblical understanding of the word where it is about community; taking responsibility for the well being of one another so that all of us can flourish.

Archbishop Sentamu also challenges the distance that is sometimes placed between the Church and politics. He says: 

'Some people who read this book may ask themselves, why should the church involve itself in politics...politics as far as I understand it has to do with public deliberations on how society should be governed. It is for the whole nation to engage itself in deliberating on how we should be governed.' 

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