About LDCF

We are Christians who support the Liberal Democrats. We believe that our faith can - and should - lead us to engage in the world of politics.

We are passionate about many issues including social justice, the environment, freedom of conscience, international development, and the treatment of refugees. We join together to have a louder voice.

Please join us and make your voice heard.

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What we do

We support and encourage Christians as they impact public life at national, regional and local levels through prayer, fellowship and practical resources.

We speak up about issues of injustice through discussions with MPs, writing policy motions, holding debates and media engagement.

We build positive relationships within the party, and between the Christian world and the world of politics.

We inspire and equip Christians to become more politically engaged.

We pray regularly for our government and nation.


Get involved - Join us

We are not funded by the party and rely on the support of our members - Thank you!


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