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Our autumn newsletter is now available.

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Shine a Light Social Media Week

Join us on social media for a week exploring how we can engage in politics from a Christian perspective. Starting 22nd June 2020.

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God's provision in a crisis

When there is nothing we can do in a situation and all we have left is to ask God for help. That's when we find that God is all we need. Read our Interim Director's story of God's incredible provision during this current crisis.

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We’re not all in the same boat, we’re not even all in the same storm. Read our Interim Director's view of the Covid 19 crisis.

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About LDCF

We are Christians who support the Liberal Democrats. We believe that our faith can - and should - lead us to engage in the world of politics. We are passionate about many issues including social justice, the environment, freedom of conscience, international development, and the treatment of refugees. We join together to have a louder voice. Please join us and make your voice heard.

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