Evidence of growing spirituality among the young

A new survey by Sevanta ComRes suggests that one third of UK adults pray and attend church regularly. The percentage is higher for young people of whom half say they pray once a month and almost as many of now attend church too.

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Gladstone Lecture 2021

Nigel Paterson, author of 'Change of the Tide - revivals in the UK' gave our Gladstone Lecture this year. 

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You're invited: Calling the Tribes Together part 2 10th March

Christians in Politics is again calling all those across the political spectrum to meet together and pray.

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You're invited: Calling the Tribes Together

You're invited: Calling the Tribes Together Join us on Wednesday 20th January 7:30pm-9:30pm as we gather on Zoom to pray with Christians from across the UK

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About LDCF

We are Christians who support the Liberal Democrats. We believe that our faith can - and should - lead us to engage in the world of politics. We are passionate about many issues including social justice, the environment, freedom of conscience, international development, and the treatment of refugees. We join together to have a louder voice. Please join us and make your voice heard.

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