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Saoirse O'Suilleabhan

  • @os_saoirse tweeted link to End Indefinite Detention. 2015-07-05 01:59:20 +0100
    Sign the petition: End the Indefinite Detention of Asylum Seekers @libdemcf

    End the Indefinite Detention of Asylum Seekers


    How would you feel if you had to flee your home for fear of persecution, risked everything to travel to another country in the hope of safety, only to arrive and be detained, often without explanation or any indication of when you may be released?

    We are calling on the Government to end this inhumane practice. We need you to make our voice stronger. Sign our petition below so, together, we can fight for a just and compassionate society.

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    LDCF are calling upon the Government to end the indefinite detention of asylum seekers and immigrants. 

    Today around 3,000 people are being held in Immigration Detention Centres. They have not received a charge or a trial and they have no idea when they'll be released.  

    This is not democratic. This is not just.

    Add your name to our petition below to help bring an end to this injustice.



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    Check out Liberal Democrat Christian Forum. I just signed up. @libdemcf

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