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Nick Clegg tells Premier Christian Radio "We are spiritual as well as physical beings"


In a radio interview with Premier Christian Radio on 3rd March, Nick Clegg talked frankly about his views on faith.

He admitted to having a complex attitude to faith, although spoke of the many members of his family who were Christians, including his paternal grandmother, who had been a devout member of the Russian Orthodox church, his mother, who converted to Catholicism later on in life, his brother, a devout Anglican, and his wife Miriam, also a Catholic. Nick said he went to Mass regularly with Miriam and the children, who are being brought up in the Catholic faith, which “was a great joy.”

Nick Clegg said candidly “It would be a wonderful thing to be infused with faith”, but admitted that it had not happened to him - yet!  He expressed scepticism about vociferous secularism though and people who had a raging certainty about things.

Nick said that he still questioned his spiritual life and would always continue to search and grapple with this, concluding, “Life is a journey of question marks.”

You can link to an extended version of the interview here.

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