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Kate Dickson

  • posted about Our Housing Crisis on Facebook 2015-10-30 12:41:46 +0000
    Sign the petition: Our Housing Crisis, our local biggest need is affordable accessible housing.

    Our Housing Crisis


    Millions of people are living in Britain without a secure, decent home. Plans to sell-off social and affordable homes risk making things worse for some of our country's most vulnerable people. Join us in calling for urgent action to tackle our housing crisis.

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    Government plans to sell-off social and affordable homes will enable the lucky few to own a home at the expense of some of the poorest and most vulnerable in our society. If passed, Britain's housing crisis would quickly become a national emergency. 

    A secure, decent home would bring dignity, hope and protection for people who suffer a life of fear and uncertainty. Join us as we show the human face of the housing crisis and call our government to action. Here's how...

    1. Share stories - Head here to read some stories of folk impacted by our housing crisis and share them on social media with #ourhousingcrisis. Keep an eye on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for new stories to share each day! 

    2. Tell your story - Tweet, Facebook, Instagram or email us with stories of your experience of the housing crisis using #ourhousingcrisis.

    3. Sign the petition - As plans to reduce Britain's stock of social and affordable homes continue to go through Parliament, sign the petition below to join our calls for secure, decent homes for all. 

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  • posted about Sign up to LDCF news on Facebook 2015-05-25 22:31:03 +0100
    Check out Liberal Democrat Christian Forum. I just joined.

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